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Featured Media Appearances:

Fox Business
Carmen Sognonvi discusses how one simple operational change — carrying less inventory — made a massive financial impact for the school: “This year, we changed our processes so that students have to pre-order their gear, and we ourselves don’t order it until we’ve received payment. It sounds like such simple advice, but that one small change has made a huge difference to our bottom line.”


Carmen Sognonvi explains how small business owners can cut down on marketing costs by cross-marketing with other complementary businesses.

Carmen Sognonvi explains the benefits of storing files in the cloud. Not only does it allow easy access to information whether she’s working at the school or from home, but it can be a disaster recovery strategy as well.

Crain’s New York Business
Carmen Sognonvi discusses in Crain’s New York Business how using free software Dropbox allows her to work more effectively from home in the evenings: β€œThe great thing about it is it is so effortless. It’s like saving a document to your computer.”

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