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How to Get Free Publicity for Your Local Business

If you want people to buy from you, you have to make them trust you first.

And one of the quickest ways to build trust and credibility is to have great media coverage about your company.

But how do you get media coverage without hiring an expensive PR firm?

Well, I happen to know a thing or two about generating publicity without spending any money.

You see, in my former life, I was a speaker and blogger on race.

When I first began blogging in 2004, I was a complete unknown.

A couple years later, I was regularly being quoted as an expert in outlets like CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, The New York Times, NPR, Newsweek, and more.

That led to speaking engagements at top universities like Harvard and Princeton, and training engagements with major corporations like Humana and Korn/Ferry.

So how did I do it?

Introducing… The 3-Part Publicity Success Video Series

In this video series I share with you what I figured out along the way, and show you how you can get media coverage for your business using the same techniques I used.

How to Get Publicity for Your Local Business – Part 1
In this video, I show you how to get media coverage without having to pitch any journalists and how to position yourself as someone a journalist absolutely must interview for their story.

How to Get Publicity for Your Local Business – Part 2
In this video, I share with you how to avoid the biggest mistake you could make when you first get a call from a journalist.

How to Get Publicity for Your Local Business – Part 3
In this video, I show you how to ensure that the journalist picks a quote of yours that makes you sound smart, interesting, and compelling.

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