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If you’re in NYC, I’d love to invite you to join me at a free workshop I’m doing next week.

Details below, and you can register here.

The New Old School:
How To Grow Your Business with Flyers, Signage and Booths in the Digital Age

Flyers don’t work anymore, right?

Actually… they do!

At this event, you’ll learn why old-school marketing tactics like flyers, signage, and booths are still great ways to reach new customers, and how to connect them with online tools to create massive results for your business.

Urban Martial Arts is a karate and kickboxing school in Brooklyn, NY. Using these techniques over the last two years, it has grown its revenues by 70%, doubled its membership base, and tripled the size of its list.

At this event, owner and general manager Carmen Sognonvi will show you:

  • How to turn your signage into a mobile marketing machine (no QR codes involved!)
  • Why you should never hand out tchotchkes at a promotional booth – and what to give out instead
  • How to use flyers to create 100 mini-billboards that will promote your business to prospects in your target market
  • The single biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to designing their flyers – and how to avoid it
  • And much, much more!

Then Ramon Ray, Marketing and Technology Evangelist of and Infusionsoft, will introduce you to Lifecycle Marketing and show you the steps to tying your all your marketing efforts together so you can create more leads and convert those leads into lifelong customers.

Date: Tuesday, November 12th
Time: 9 am to 11 am
Location: CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Ave., New York, NY

Be sure to register here.