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Take Your Business to the Next Level By Leveraging Carmen’s Marketing Expertise


“A master marketer”

Ramon RayWhat sets Carmen apart is that she’s a business owner who knows firsthand the joys and struggles of entrepreneurship and small business growth. She’s a master marketer who shares this knowledge with thousands, from the stage.
Ramon Ray
Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine and Founder of Small Business Summit

Would you like to attract a steady stream of qualified leads who become ideal customers, resulting in increased sales, higher revenues, and dramatic growth?

Carmen Sognonvi, marketing strategist, consults with franchise companies, small & medium businesses, and enterprises to help meet them meet their specific goals.

A small sample of the consulting services she provides includes:

  • Advisory services
  • Marketing training
  • Marketing strategy assessment
  • Executive coaching
  • Custom webinars

Call Carmen at (646) 504-4092 or e-mail to make your first no-commitment appointment to discuss your business goals and objectives and find out how our consulting can help your situation.