8 Low-Cost or No-Cost Ways to Market a Local Bakery

8 Low-Cost or No-Cost Ways to Market a Local Bakery

Marie Forleo is one of my favorite YouTubers.

She does a weekly video in which she answers a viewer’s question about small business. I love how she always brings a touch of silliness and fun to her work!

Marie recently answered a question from a woman named Beth who owns a cupcake bakery. Beth wanted some ideas for how she could market her business locally.

Here are the 5 great ideas Marie came up with:

I thought of 3 more, so I chimed in with this video response:

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  1. Awesome tips by both Marie and Yourself. Love the idea of leavings rack cards on local businesses and in return they can get their business on your blog or site as well, this is what you call a win-win situation and very clever. Thanks for the tips. You always provide excellent education about local business marketing ideas and tips. Look forward to your next post. 🙂



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